Aug 31, 2011

Summer of rain

Tomorrow is the 1st of september, wich means end of summer and time to go back to school.
I honestly think I've had my worst summer ever!
When I look back over the last 2 months I have the feeling it was fall and not at all summer. I haven't been to the Belgian coast once, haven't been swimming in the sea and I didn't tan.
And what about all the bbq's and summer drinks, where you can sit outside with just a T-shirt on till 1 am?
Except for the 2 holidays, Lisbon and Tuscany, I didn't had a summer feeling at all.
Normally I'm always so happy to spend my summer in Belgium together with my friends and family, but this time it was an all different experience for Ceesie.
Summer 2011 you SUCKED big time!


  1. Same shitty summer in Denmark. I feel the same way, totally. As you say, what about the long nights with drinks and love?? fuck I hope the summer will come in september..


  2. Loser....lmfaOOO rembember when you were saying on facebook, ..i have a feeling that this will be my best summer...

  3. Sad to hear your summer had been subpar. :(

    Seen any great movies, though, when you stayed indoors due to rain?

    Perhaps California next summer. Always sunny.

  4. just the same for me... boring holidays in belgium, shitty weather, tomorrow back to school...and my b-day...

  5. Ah...I had the damned same feeling, first simmer I was this much in Belgium et moderfuckingdjezus voilĂ ...never again!

  6. first world problems..

  7. Absolutly...Summer2011. So cool.