Aug 4, 2011

Tell me what you don't like about yourself?

I sometimes wonder If I would consider plastic surgery when I grow older... and I don't think I would. I don't need plastic in my body to validate me as a man, at least for now.
Nowadays it's so easy and common to nip and tuck in your body. As a matter of fact I think that everybody knows at least 4 people who went under the knife.
I think it's a little scary... it's just so easy to walk in to a clinic and to fix something you don't like about yourself. I guess I would be afraid that it would turn in to an addiction, as it's just so available and fast.
Don't get me wrong; Ceesie has nothing against it, but I would like to grow old with my face moving.


  1. They looked much better 'before' than after!!
    Plastic face is unattractive!

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  2. I agree with you...
    A face that is growing is so much more alive, you can see the hapinness and pain you went trough...

    Plastic face has a lack of expression wich doesnt make you attractive as a person.

    As a woman I would later consider for example breast lifting or something to preserv my feminity.

    But what is most important is that you are happy with yourself and if they can only be happy by doing these surgery's then so be it.

    It is indeed scary how common and easy it is now to do it.
    Patients are younger than 10years ago!

    If I had to choose something I don't like about myself then I would say my nose...but changing it is not an option, I would not be Nella with another nose...and I will find something else to change after that because it becomes an addiction...


  3. You are a model. Shut up.

  4. oh, mythical phrase from that amazing series, nip / tuck

  5. Omdat gij schoon zijt!!!!
    makkelijk praten zo!

  6. Dear Cesar,

    I think plastic surgery is a bit out of style. I think its original intention has fears about age which is just heredity. Anyways nowadays they have filler for that. The other reason was to look a bit more western ideal, but with so many cultures proliferating everywhere its less necessary as nowadays one can see any ethnic look on the street. It can also be dangerous for the sinuses and one should see an ear nose and throat doctor to determine how destructive an alteration could be. However, there is still a problem with the western beauty standard which is at least why Michael and Joan originally started, but that was the eighties. Hopefully the modeling industry will start to incorporate more looks.

  7. I've always thought that plastic surgery was so appalling and not acceptable at all, but lately I've been so self-conscious about my nose. It's a horrible feeling to want to change yourself via surgery, and I think media is to blame for a lot of it. When I was younger, I never had any problems with my image and now I've been catching myself thinking about getting my nose done. Sigh.

  8. When I was 14 I really considered plastic surgery. I was just another insecure girl. Now at 19, I wouldn't ever go under the knife. It is scary how technology climbed so high that people can alter their physical appearance they were born with. I also agree with Nella, lines and wrinkles signify happiness, laughter, or frustration,etc. Each face has it's own story. There are cases that plastic surgery is needed. I also can understand breast reduction or lift. Maybe even rhinoplasty. There are cases where that is needed. Not breast augmentation though. It's vain and a great way to feed on girls' esteem issues. I always found a bit odd when men would go for plastic surgery but it's understandable. Men can be insecure just as much as women. But you, Cesar do not need to worry about it :) Just be happy, stay healthy, and enjoy life. Laugh and live a little. Or a lot. :) No need to worry about this. It's not worth it! x

  9. Oh, and Jacky Lafon ofcourse, though she's Belgian.

  10. Beauty is space, proportion and complexion. That's all. Models are fortunate to be born beautiful and it is a great gift. Don't judge others who are willing to pay for it...