Sep 11, 2011


Ceesie was in Beijing for less then 36 hours. And I have to say I'm pretty proud of myself for seeing so much in such a short time!
After a 10 hour flight from brussels (which I survived thanks to a Xanax and a glass of wine) Ceesie arrived in the capital city of China.
First impression: dirty, big and Chinese. Beijing is a strange city, not comparable to Tokyo, Hong Kong, Seoul or any other Asian city I've been to in the past. I had a free-time of 16 hours so I decided to use it wise. I arrived in Peking at 7 am and went straight for a typical dumpling breakfast. After I went to visit the forbidden city, did some shopping at Sanlitun, went for local chinese noodle soup and passed out like a baby in my hotel. The next day was working day for Ceesie. Shoot was long and hard, but a happy client as usual. All photoshoot fresh and only 4 hours left I went to one of the biggest fake markets in the world, where you can find anything you can possibly imagine. From fake Givenchy bags to the latest YSL shoes and from the most expensive fake rolex to the cheapest Hello Kitty gadgets. Ceesie all exhausted and overwhelmed from the fake shopping mania left Beijing in a weird but satisfied way.


  1. Great post Cees,
    as always you're ready to discover big and new cities and had never fears.
    So brave and courageous.
    Adventursome and audacious in a big strange city.

  2. Just curious... Why do you talk about yourself in the third person?
    The dim sum looks delicious btw!

  3. Hello Cesar,

    Since it's Mid-Autumn Festival in the Chinese-speaking world now, I suppose its' a right time to get to know the Chinese pastry. Please do try out the moon cakes, because it's seasonal which is only out once a year, especially when you have a sweet tooth. ;)

    P.S.: please pick up those without yolks.

  4. Dear you look just wonderful with that black t-shirt!!! I love your pictures thanks a lot for the post beauty boy....


  5. Sometimes I hate you seeing travelling that much! I'm a jealous girl grrrrr....

  6. Why you speak in third person?It's annoying.

  7. Why? Cause i like it! And if you think it's annoying then you should NOT read me blog.

  8. Nice to see such wonderful pics about my mother country in your blog, terrific......Wish you all the best