Sep 29, 2011


As all of you know I'm a coconut addict, I drink coconut water every day.
But Ceesie barely get to drinks the real fresh once.
So today I was laying on the beach and someone was selling fresh coconuts.
Ceesie all exited and thirsty went over to the guy to spoil himself with a coconut.
He asked me if I wanted a normal or a Coco loco and of course I went for the Coco loco, which is a fresh coconut with a splash of rum in it!
So there I was... lying on the white sand, working on my tan and drinking my coco loco.
Toast to the good life everyone!


  1. Gij dunne gelukzak!!!

  2. nice it seems like u had some day... =D

  3. must have been hard labour, how did your tan work out?

  4. It's great to see you having time to yourself Cesar. I know modeling can be very stressful, or so I hear anyway. You're very lucky though. It's a great opportunity, you must have been to so many places. Most people don't travel that much in a lifetime, so cherish the moment. :) Take care of yourself x