Sep 20, 2011


Ceesie signed his first book contract... Yes YES Yes... You read this correct... My cookbook will come true!
It will be on sale in september 2012 and will be published in Dutch and English, so all you readers can read it!
We will try to sell it all over the world and make this book as cool and unique as possible.
There is still a lot of work and everything is still new and unknown for me, but Ceesie is SO exited to start writing his own book and to check that of his bucket list.
So now I will not only be a model/ blogger/ columnist I'll also be an AUTHOR. ;-)


  1. congrat, excited to see it published

  2. dikke proficiat!!!!

  3. Woohoo! Hopefully I can get one here in New Zealand. :)

  4. Cees, Paris is in love with you.
    New photoes are so nice.

  5. and no translation in french?? :(((

  6. Be sure to tell us the book and promote it beforehand so we can purchase it! I'm sure it will be a great book :) It's really amazing that you are doing all of this. I wish you the best with your book and modeling career! Take care x

  7. Gefeliciteerd!!!
    Looking forward


  8. Awesome news! So happy for you Ceesie.

    Will definitely get a copy. Can't wait!

    Do keep us updated!

  9. Dear Cesar,

    I haven't had so much time to look at the blog because I am really busy and stressed.

    Congrants on your contract. This whole project should be carefully considered.

  10. Hi Ceesie,

    I just discovered you the other day thanks to the uk daily mail; however I can't stop reading your blog now gah! LOL Anyways I want to congratulate you on your success as a model/blogger/author, and say that isn't it funny how the most brilliant titles come to mind when we finish a publication? I write addiction recovery books and had the same sort of awe experience when the title "Quitting Cold" came to mind! However I am certainly not as successful .... yet :) BUT the main point I am trying to get at, is that I keep hearing your book will only be available in select stores? Is it going to be available to purchase online as well? I mean I'd like to think so this is that sorta of era and all, hehehe :) I am a foodie and a health nut and am simply dying to get my grimy little hands on a copy of Model Kitchen. So if it will be available through outlets like Amazon, or other online sources please be sure to post the link weeeee! =^.^= Thanks I can't wait, this is brilliant and I am soo glad someone tapped into this market. Good for you Ceesie, congrats again I know this will be a big success for you!!