Sep 16, 2011


Ceesie is so happy that his favourite fruit friends are back in season!!
Although dried figs are available throughout the year, there is nothing like the unique taste and texture of fresh figs.
I did some research and found out that the common fig is one of the oldest trees cultivated by humans and mentioned even in the Bible!!
Not only are they extremely tasteful, they are also rich in water, carbohydrates, proteins, cellulose, potassium, iron, calcium and vitamin A.
And if you are having trouble with your bowel movements they are extremely good. LOL ;-)


  1. You look so good with that striped shorts on a fig-tree, like I was doing being a child, eating on a tree the sweet fruits.
    Where you found that Fig-trees???

  2. The question shall be: Where is ceesie this time!??? I'm still thinking about that cooking book and I think it should be exactly this way as great as this post...

    My season fruit ^^