Oct 2, 2011

Flying first class to the stars

On my way back from Miami to NYC I got a free upgrade to fly first class with Delta airlines. Normally I dont like flying with Delta, I think the leg space is way too short and the safety features are so annoying to watch! I can't stand that red haired women. The way she says "smoking is not allowed on any Delta flight" gives me the creeps. lol!
But this trip to NYC made it all change!
I have to admit that flying first class is A-mazing: Much bigger seats, no annoying children, no smelly people, better service and much more comfort.
I dont know if its a good or a bad thing that I experienced this upgrade, cause now I only wanna fly first class. Grrrrr...


  1. Yes, she's way to fake that women ;o

  2. Honey I think that packing and unpacking is good but must tiring too!!! Personally I don't like it too much even with first class delta boys...

  3. way too short, not way to short.

  4. aahhaah so you smoke!nice uh?

  5. I thought you'd fly first class all the time!

  6. I had the same problem, since they accidentally upgraded me once on the flight from Brussels to Madrid, I travel half as much, since I don't like flying in coach anymore xD
    and that woman is scary.