Oct 7, 2011

Music television?

I hate it that MTV doesn't show any video clips anymore...
Where is the time that we could watch music videos for hours and hours? Now they only have these stupid reality programs that aren't interesting to watch at all!
Jackass? Jersey shore? My super sweet 16? BAH!
I wish we could go back to the 90's so we could watch the old MTV, like a music channel should be!


  1. My goodness don't even get me started on Jersey Shore! Or the hills? I definitely miss the 90's mtv as well! In fact, everything from the 90's seemed better. I think it was the simplicity of it all. Anyways I can't believe people watch these mtv shows. I fear for the last grain of intelligence on this planet.

  2. I totally agree! It's now Reality Television, not Music Television.

  3. so true!
    lets start our own! ;)
    after the cookbook,
    the talkshow,
    then the music channel!
    then the world ;)

  4. I love Jersey Shore!

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  6. WOW. I officially love you as I completely agree with this rant!!!!!!!!