Nov 20, 2011


After a 27-hour trip, from Europe to Sydney I finally arrived in the land down under! I haven't seen a lot, as I just arrived, but what I've seen is nothing compare to what I expected! The colors, the people, the fragrances, the nature and the beaches are all just incredible. Since I was 14 years old I wanted to come and visit this country and now I'm finally here...

Let’s get this new adventure started!!!


  1. Enjoy Australia. I love it! Make sure to see Melbourne. And Oxford Street in Sydney. Take the normal ferry to Manly.

    My trip in Oz:

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  3. Ahhhh its my favourite place in the world.!!
    How long u gonna stay?

  4. don't forget to stop by at Bali... I been there and its paradise Francisco Lachowski been there last month.

  5. Oh Cesar,

    I think maybe I will move to Australia.

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