Jan 11, 2012

Total 0%

Ceesie always had a big love for Total 0% Greek yoghurt. But while shopping in the Italian supermarkets I discovered my new favorite snack. It's the normal total yoghurt but with a blueberry jam on the side. You just mix the 2 in one and you get an amazing combination. So good and 0% fat!

Try it! ;-)


  1. i love greek yoghurt! so much tastier than regular yoghurt + healthy.
    careful though, the blueberry stuff could still be loaded with sugar and other crap :S

  2. Very true Caroline... But a little taste of sweetness make sit always better! ;-)

  3. je suis une éponge !! tu as trop d'influence sur moi, je suis allé acheter des fromages blancs aux fruits o %

  4. Here's Nadine, actually sitting with my Greek friend, he recommends the 2 percent mixed with some honey. It's a sensation in itself. The sugar is less and the little fat percentage makes for good protein.