Feb 15, 2012


Last week Ceesie had a shoot in the city of love, Paris. All the clothes I needed to put on were clothes with tons of prints and lots of bright colors. They perfectly captured the heydays of bombastic '90s Versace.

Normally I HATE logos, prints and flashy colors. My mom always tells me I'm kind of classic and very safe in my choice of what I put on.

I guess I just like to be less "Trendy" and more "Chic C'est la vie." ;-)

But while shooting and looking from time to time in the mirror I didn't mind wearing all those 90's type of clothes. Over the past year or so, the trend has popped up everywhere. There was not one brand that didn't had prints, logos or flashy colors in there collection this season.

I guess the classic Versace-va-va-voom is back on track and Ceesie doesn't hate it.


  1. You look Moroccan with that print. Still cool though.

  2. I think it does look very Moroccan princely too.

  3. You look like a plate... to be exact versace's dinnerware. You can tell they did their dinnerware/furniture line first, and then realized they loved the design ... The pictures below do not give the design justice. They are so much more nice in person! If you get to touch them you can feel how great the quality !

    Check it out!

    http://www.victorianplumbing.co.uk/blog/images/Versace-thehomecollection-1.jpg - dinnerware

    http://www.emulty.com/wp-content/uploads/vanitas-chair-by-versace-1.jpg - lovely for a chair!

  4. HAHAHAHAHA, , I do look like a plate!!!

    1. haha its okay, at least you are a nice plates. Also, sometime can you do a post on how to get a nice guy... I always seem to get assholes.

  5. What else you do when you're in Paris???
    How you enjoy Paris???
    You go to the cinema??? You just go for a walk??? Tell us more.

  6. You look like a handsome Persian prince. Sort of ;)

  7. In fact you look tarrible in Versace. Noone says the truth.
    Not your stile, not your colors, the plates or asian princes it's not you definetly and photoes are also terrible home-made. Sorry.

  8. Well Vincent, it's NOT my shirt, i was wearing it for the shoot... and I like it, but would never wear it or buy it.

  9. i think it looks good on you! sometimes when people say something doesnt look good on someone it might be because they are unused to seeing that person wearing a certain style. but with all fairness, you pulled it off!

  10. I can't be more chic c'est la vie...

  11. i love that shirt its AMAZING!! :)