Mar 29, 2012

blame it on the Alcohol

Ceesie discovered that New York doesn't run on dunkin, it runs on alcohol.
I have a feeling that there's always a reason to drink in NYC. Either it's a birthday, an event, a welcome back, a goodbye or a dinner with friends there is just always alcohol involved. In Belgium I only drink once a week and that's when I go out to party. But here, in the big apple, that's almost impossible.
Ceesie doesn't see the use of pouring himself full with sugar, calories and alcohol every day.
For me drinking = partying.
But I guess while being in NY I will have to recall my thought to drinking = socialising.


  1. Sweetie wake up, You don't drink in belgium... Your friends do.
    People are just social drunks!

  2. Socialising as a justification to drink? How pathetic!

  3. Let's open a bar and make some money honey