Apr 18, 2012

Reality Ceesie

Ceesie has been followed around by a camera crew for the last 5 months.
A Belgian tv channel contacted me to make a documentary about my life in NYC and my life back home in Belgium.
They filmed the process of making my upcoming cookbook, fun times with my friends, on shoots, shows and castings.
I think it's hilarious that I'll see my face on Belgian tv in september. I've been already on tv but a whole documentary / reality show is kind of new to me.
Move over Kardashians here comes Cesar! ;-)


  1. Will it be similar to "Truth or Dare" with Madonna? I hope so...

  2. Is it gonna be in English? Can't wait to see that.

  3. It's in English or in French maybe???
    So interesting.
    Nooo, My god...again,
    it's only for belgian TV.
    We won't see.

  4. Welk kanaal?
    Kijk er al naar uit :)

  5. What's the channel ?? a flemish one? VTM ?

  6. Welke zender? Hoe zal het progamma heten ? Ik ben echt al benieuwd, ik ga zeker kijken !

  7. Lijkt me super leuk! ik kijk er al naar uit ;)

  8. Oh super leuk! Ik ga alvast kijken, zal wel beter zijn dan Astrid in wonderland...