Jun 27, 2012


Ceesie finally found a name for his upcoming cookbook.
After long thinking, deliberating, arguing and asking for advice I made my final decision.
My cookbook will be called: MODEL KITCHEN BY CESAR.
WHY? Cause I wanna give a good example of what people should eat and I'll show you what models cook in the kitchen.
The book will be on sale at the beginning of November and will be a world wide publication, in 3 different languages (for now): Dutch, English and French.
Are you excited to discover what the top models eat to keep their bodies in shape?
Well Ceesie is very and can't wait to hold the book in his hands.
What next... A song? My own show or a workout video? ;-)
Ceesie does it!


  1. Hello.
    I have lots of interest in delicious and healthy food. So I expect your cook book. It must be great.. amazing.. excellent and fantastic.
    I would order your book in online, because I live in South Korea. Is it scheduled to be sold in online bookstore like Amazon? I hope so.
    And thank you for reading my comment.

  2. Hey!! Not sure about that but probably YES! I'll do my best! ;-)

  3. Such a good news.
    A perfect title.
    Can't wait to discover.

  4. Oh shoot!!!!! I just typed the wrong word! Plz just kill me! I'm crazy in love with your blog ceesie, can't wait to buy your book!!!

  5. Hello Cesar, you should put a PR contact for you or an email, I sent your blogger over to a friend at VH1 for a model TV show and they couldn't find a contact for you. Here name is Ms. Rosenberg (I will not post her first name, I don't want people calling her at VH1). Please post contact info for business. Thank you.

  6. Workout video is a great idea! Do it :)

  7. Did you know that Lucy Helen Yates wrote a book with a similar title 'Model Kitchen..."

  8. hey, anonymous.
    You can email me on casier.cesar@gmail.com.

  9. Hi Cesar,

    So very happy that the cookbook you worked so hard on will be coming out later this year. Can't wait!

    Would you consider making it possible for us to place pre-orders for it?

  10. pre-orders... I like your thinking. ;-)
    I'm not sure about yet but I will for sure keep you posted!
    thanks anyway for your interest!!!

    1. You are welcome, Cesar! I have been reading your blog for some time now, and was super psyched to hear that you had a book coming out.

      Suggestion: maybe you could have a special pre-order edition with some extras thrown in? And then have another round of publicity for the actual book launch?

      It's great that you already have an online presence and readers :)

      All the best, hope your book is a roaring success!

  11. Een workout dvd lijkt me ideaal voor koppelverkoop ;)

  12. Wow great idea, I have reading your blog, and I really love your thinking, you're a good guy. So, good luck for your book.I'm looking forward to reading it.

    xxx from Belgium

  13. will it feature recipes from only you or also other models?

    xxx from Duitsland

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  15. Hello Cesar, i'm one of your big fan from Jakarta, Indonesia. I have a very deep interest in cuisine, and would mind to buy Model's Kitchen written by you. Is there any way i could get the book? Since i am not living in US territories. Thank you, and wishing all the best for your gorgeous book.

  16. Hi! Does any one know where I can buy this book online? Thanks!

  17. Why not in Spanish?? ..In Perú too whant to learn to eat well.