Jul 17, 2012


Ceesie is back in Belgium and has a new member in the family.
His name is perro and he's AMAZING!
To be honest I never had a big love for dogs... but after living in NYC with my roommates dog, Lula, I started to appreciate these adorable animals.
Perro is just too cute to function!!
Never thought Ceesie would say this, but I think I love dogs. ( or maybe just my dog )


  1. Ohhh god...
    Perrooooo, you look so sweet.
    He's really amazing.
    Puppy I want to kiss you.
    Cees, I loved Perro so much.
    So adorable.

  2. Welcome Perro and Ceesie in the hot (so hot) belgian summer.

  3. AWW what an adorable dog! What type of dog is perro?