Oct 7, 2012


The sad thing about graduating from high school in Europe is that you don't have a prom.
When I was a teenager all my friends and I were obsessed with American high school movies. We saw them all (means girls, bring it on, never been kissed, she's all that, clueless, heathers,...)  and every time we left the cinema we were most upset about the fact that you, Americans, had a prom.
I mean, how amazing wouldn't it be to be voted prom king of your school?
I guess Ceesie will never know how it feels...


  1. i dont know how it's in ghent, but the big high schools in brussels have a prom (called in french bal des rhétos, with queen and king prom, suits, dresses,etc)

  2. yeah, I'm from brussels as well and we did the whole american thing! And even better, because we are allowed to drink! :)

  3. In Antwerpen kennen we dat nochtans ook, prom, queen, king, the whole lot

  4. aan zee ook nie znne :( but we do have '100 dagen' :D

  5. in Antwerpen ook idd, wel al voor het afstuderen. prom king & queen ook aanwezig, maar niet zo'n big deal

  6. There's also a prom in Poland ;)
    It is called 'studniówka' because we've got it about 100 days before graduation.. we don't have king and queen, but we dance traditional dance (you can find it on youtube- polonez ) and we're having fun all night long :D