Nov 12, 2012


Take a look inside MODEL KITCHEN:


  1. Mmmmh.... I love your guacamole and the juices!! actually I love everything in the book :)

  2. when will it get to uk?

  3. Hi Cessie. I very want to buy your book. But I live in Armenia, and I don't know how to get it. Do you can help me?

  4. I really want to buy it from New Zealand!!!

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  7. Just follow you a few weeks on twitter, and now just checked your blog. It's pretty cool. I am surprised and impressed.
    I do modelling, but not high level as you, cuz I have no that skills as you. And also love cooking, and write a blog about it. The only point what is different, I travel the world with my band, cuz I am a musician. I also hate junk and fast foods, and a few month ago I decided to start my blog. I had never know somebody else from this field, do the same as me. Congratulation for it!
    You can check out my blog, unfortunatelly it's written hungarian, but you see the pics. ;)
    And you can alco check out me here:
    Best for your future! Hope somehow I check out your book. Maybe when we tour in Belgium. ;)

  8. Echt een heel fijn én mooi kookboek, 'k heb er mijn plezier al uitgehaald! 't Is pas door het boek dat ik je blog nu pas volg. Had er geen weet van dat wij nog een knap succesvol product in de export hadden ;-)
    Veel succes nog!!