May 26, 2013

smoking is not chic

A thing I've noticed while being here for almost 2 weeks (time flies) is that almost every Korean smokes cigarettes like a Turk.
When I asked my booker about this bad and unhealthy habit she told me simply and with a little bit of shame "I guess that's the way Koreans live their lives these days and the 'smoking culture' is still growing day by day". You can even smoke in some restaurants and bars here.
Ceesie things that smoking is disgusting and doesn't see the point of doing it. 
I mean, when you drink alcohol or do drugs you at least get drunk, feel happy or you're high from it but what kind of benefit do you get from smoking a ciggy? Nada!
What ceesie is trying to say here is that Koreans, and smokers in general, should think before they lighten up their cancer stick: Cause smoking is not chic!


  1. Shut up Cesar, everyone knows that you smoke! what about that new picture with a cigarette near your ear? #hypocrit

  2. Euhmm... FYI, I DO NOT SMOKE! I never smoked and will never do.
    (That cigarette is from a friend who put it behind my ear.)

  3. You're right, it's literally a cancerstick!
    I don't get why people start smoking in the first place, in the Netherlands more people start to smoke it's not normal anymore..
    And discusting is spelled as disgusting, I'm not trying to be a grammernazi, just so you know! ;)

  4. Great photoes of you on

  5. Way to tell it like it is Ceesie!

  6. Well, people do really stupid things when drunk or high, whereas just from smoking...not so much. Not trying to defend smokers (non-smoker here, and the smell does bother me), but I think they do it as a way of socializing or to imitate a certain behavior (see high school) or just to release stress (inhale-exhale). I think if you can find a point in getting drunk or high, they can also find a point in smoking:).

  7. iulia is smart and it's the true, how many of your "thousand" models friends don't get high,i ve been in N.Y. fashion week and i ve seen countless male models smoking weed! What about that Cesar? Even that guy called Julian Schratter, ecc.. have tons of pict with that stick in their mouth.

  8. Groot gelijk Cesar!
    Volledig met je eens!

  9. I am no smoker, but let me say something. Smoking is not chic. In fact, it is sexy.