Dec 13, 2013

Vlaanderen vakantieland

This weekend my first episode , of 2 , will air on Belgian and Holland television. I will be showing the viewers my favorite hotspots in my city, New York.
In the first episode I'll show them around Soho and Williamsburg, where Ceesie will be shopping at the best stores, eating in the best restaurants, learning about the architecture in Soho and I'll even be having a street art tour by bike in Brooklyn. Ceesie is so exited to finally see the result!
Don't miss out, this saturday 'Vlaanderen vakantieland' at channel EEN at 18u10 and sunday at 17u15.



  1. Gezien! Opnieuw supergoed gedaan, Cesar! Interessante reportage, benieuwd naar deel 2! Groeten uit Gent :-)

  2. Super! Heel fijn om naar te kijken, kan al niet wachten tot zaterdag! :D

  3. Supergoed gedaan, alleen snap ik niet hoe iemand al zoveel jaar in N Y kan wonen en nog zo een zwaar Gents accent kan aanhouden :-)

  4. Super toffe reportage, met of zonder accent het was de max!!!

  5. hi cesar , I just wanted to say that I think you're a fantastic person , you have it all : funny , sweet , charming...
    I started reading your blog and I got so into it, I couldn't stop clicking on the older post link and so I found your post of I love black people : well , I am black and indeed I adore chicken and I adore you. I constantly spin my head about the fact that you're the best!!! How can someone be so gorgeous from the outside as well as from the inside. I looked up the best male model and I saw that he made approximately 1.5 million dollars, I want to bet that you are going to outclass that big time !!! YOU ROCK