Jan 16, 2014


Ceesie went to two amazing movie premieres last week.
The first one was "Yves Saint Laurent".
Ceesie has always been a huge fan of monsieur Saint Laurent. I've read a few biographies and saw the documentary "l'amour fou", so I was very exited to see this movie.
YSL is a biopic about the iconic fashion designer, it gives you a look of the French designer from the beginning of his career in 1958 till his death. 
The movie is made very well, It was very pretty in every way and the acting was just incredible.
A must see for everyone who wants to know more about Yves Saint Laurent's life.

The other movie I saw was "The wolf of wall street".
Ceesie LOVES Martin Scorsesse. I think he is one of the best directors ever!
(Casino and Goodfellas are both my all time favorites)
So before going to see his latest movie I made sure I read the book and went to see his expo that is now showing in my hometown Gent, which is great by the way.
Eventhough I really liked the movie, I don't think it is his best one. (maybe my expectation were too high) 
I things the movie is a bit too long and a little bit over the top. (too much drugs and too much sex to be honest)
BUT Leo did play a great role and Ceesie really hopes he will finally get his well deserved Oscar.


  1. It's "L'amour fou", eikel....

  2. Nog nooit zelf eens een foute letter getypt?Ben je dan een eikel?zegt veel over jezelf!

  3. Hi Cesar I will travel for the first time to NY can you advise me some to do list


  4. Yves Saint-Laurent, so Sexy...
    Love movie, everything about him and his style...

  5. And Cees, I love you too...Of course...